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Litigation Support
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Litigation support

The essential goal of litigation support is to organize, analyze, and present case materials using computer systems. Litigation processes involve large quantities of ESI (Electronically Stored Information). We have both the experience and expertise to process large volumes of ESI as per instructions of the clients. We have formulated innovative techniques blending with latest technologies like ICR/OCR to increase the process efficiency. Our quality process is one of a kind which ensures the best interpretation for the data culling/coding process.

Maestro provides the best Litigation Support services for Law Firms, using technology and skilled manpower. Our workforce has an in-depth understanding of legal terminology and is specialized in the extraction of specific data content from documents to create a database for client use.

We are transformers of raw data to databases. With our experts continuously decoding the complexities of present day litigation, Maestro provides one of the best Bates Capturing, OCR and Document Determination Services. We stand for Data accuracy, Data security & On time delivery. We provide Litigation Support services at International Standards along with enhanced client services. MST provides both online & offline litigation support services.

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Unitization – Logical Document Determination

Unitization/LDD is the human review of each page in an image collection using logical cues (page numbers, report titles) to determine pages that belong together as documents. It is the process of logically determining where a document starts and where it ends with reference to the scanned images.

Coding – Subjective, Objective, In text or an combination

Litigation coding commonly refers to the process of creating a summary or keyword data from a document. They are mainly used in the legal profession for the purpose of creating a quick-search index or database of documents to be used in litigation.


Optical Character Recognition / Intelligent Character Recognition are data capturing services to extract electronic information from digital documents. This capturing process is needed because scanned documents in image formats are not text searchable. This means that when a text string is used to search, unless the text string is contained in a file name of the scanned documents, it will not be displayed in the search result. OCR for litigation support can help do away with this shortcoming associated with scanned documents of various formats.

ICR is used for zonal data capture to extract data from same/similar images of forms with handwritten details (like Employee details form, Patience’s Admit card etc,.) and is programmed to generate a coded output for various fields which it is programed for.

Redaction of privileged or personal information

As a part of the disclosure process in the litigation course, we provide redaction of personal, sensitive or confidential data which is meant to be confidential.

MST Benefits

Maestro consists of an experienced team which is highly skilled and has the expertise to simplify the workflow of all the e-publishing processes using our end-to- end technology and services. We understand the importance of quality and streamlining the process. Maestro delivers a complete solution at a fair price. It isn’t necessary to hire a business lawyer to help you understand our pricing models.

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