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Editorial Services
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Editorial Services

Revising content  involves different stages and tasks. They all fall under the general label of editing but serve various purposes. However, the differences between proofreading, copy-editing and technical editing are quite sophisticated.

Maestro Software Technologies offers Editorial Services that are tailor-made to meet your specific content requirements. We ensure that the content is rich in language, filled with facts, and that the overall quality of the document resonates height of professionalism.

The editorial process is geared toward the customization of the user requirements, Maestro ensures that your documents will have impeccable quality. Some of the services we provide include proof reading, language services, copy editing and indexing.

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Proof Reading

Proof reading is normally the last stage of typographic production before printing. It involves reading a “proof”, a typeset version of the final copy of a text: the edited manuscript.

The task focuses on surface errors, spelling mistakes or typos that appeared during the layout process, like word breaks, page breaks and incorrect page numbers. A thorough proofreader also checks whether the layout design is aesthetically pleasing, and might suggest that images, photos or graphics be added or moved, among other recommendations.

Sometimes, proofreading takes on the character of light copy-editing, such as when a text isn’t intended to be printed or laid out but will be circulated in text format. Think of a master’s thesis, for example. The job then includes checking for misspelled words, incorrect punctuation or capitalization, and inconsistencies in terminology, numbering or the format of titles, among other relatively superficial tasks.

Copy Editing

While proofreading is mostly a quantitative skill, copy-editing is qualitative editorial service. Basic copy-editing entails reviewing and correcting the text on a deeper level, according to the author’s or client’s needs.

The editor will check grammar, looking for subject-verb agreement, dangling participles, incorrect or unclear use of pronouns, etc. The spelling of names should also be verified to ensure it conforms to the client’s style guide, including official names of countries and other proper nouns such as cities, international conventions, conferences or organizations, and named individuals. Copy-editing also includes eliminating superfluous words, unnecessary phrases and abbreviations, while spelling out essential information.

Another important aspect is to consider how the text is formatted and organized. Excessive italics, boldface and quotation marks should be minimized or deleted, thereby maintaining a homogenous form. For instance, titles and subheadings should be edited, while ensuring the brevity, consistency and parallel construction of chapter headings, table and figure titles, and bulleted lists.


An index is a list of words or phrases and associated pointers to where useful material relating to that heading can be found in a document or collection of documents. Examples are an index in the back matter of a book and an index that serves as a library catalog.

In a traditional back-of-the-book index, the headings will include names of people, places, events, and concepts selected by the indexer as being relevant and of interest to a possible reader of the book. The indexer may be the author, the editor, or a professional indexer working as a third party. The pointers are typically page numbers, paragraph numbers or section numbers.

Language Services

Language services is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. For instance, the English language has different standard based on the region/country it is spoken. It is common fact that US English is very different from UK English. Both have different standards. Based on the publishers’ standard or Author’s requirement international book’s English is edited. In the same way any language is edited as per publishers’ standards. Since we have multiple Language experts on our roll we can complete the job with quick turnaround time.

MST Benefits

Maestro consists of an experienced team which is highly skilled and has the expertise to simplify the workflow of all the e-publishing processes using our end-to- end technology and services. We understand the importance of quality and streamlining the process. Maestro delivers a complete solution at a fair price. It isn’t necessary to hire a business lawyer to help you understand our pricing models.

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