Digitisation and Publishing: why they go hand in hand

Digitisation and Publishing: why they go hand in hand
Webshops, apps, the use of Augmented Reality and straightforward communication via social media: the move towards digitisation simply cannot be ignored across most business sectors. Despite this, many companies still struggle to implement technological developments in their publishing strategies. It is also not always easy for publishers to keep abreast of developments: changes are manifold and continuous and often result in their entire approach to work needing adjustment. Why can this trend towards digitisation nonetheless not simply be ignored?

Changing in essence

One of the main problems for publishers is the fundamental change to the essence of their work. In the past, their own opinion was all that mattered – they determined whether a document or a book was ‘good’ or otherwise. Now however, more than ever before, the consumers’ views must also be taken into account. It is imperative to work in tandem with the product’s end user to arrive at a situation that satisfies everyone.

Digital transformation: a matter of survival

Publishers are required to respond to the notion that consumers expect all information to be available at all times. And of course at the best possible price. For publishers it is a question of survival to meet these demands and expectations. After all, if consumers are denied what they expect, they will very quickly move on to the next supplier.

E-Publishing meets with all of these expectations. Digitally available content, for example, is available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere. It is easy to disseminate and can be utilised across a range of different channels. It also 'wears' a lot better than printed media – a major advantage in the education sector – and is also considerably more economical.

E-Publishing for companies

The consumer is not the only beneficiary of digital content, however: e-Publishing is just as attractive for companies. One of the most significant advantages of digital content over printed media for business is its economy of production. Scaling up to larger volumes is easy to achieve at little or no extra cost. Storage costs are significantly lower and the content is much easier to access via a range of platforms and readily available to a larger public.

Digitisation cannot be ignored

In essence, it is not particularly a great mystery why e-Publishing is growing in popularity. It offers clear advantages and helps to distinguish a company from the other operators in any given sector. Do you wish to implement e-Publishing in your company to accelerate your success and improve efficiency? Learning the finer tricks of the trade does not require a large investment in time and money. The easiest way is to start by working with a partner with many years of experience in creating digital content.

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