Maestro provides the best Litigation Support for Law Firms, using technology and skilled manpower, we also provide efficient and accurate document management. Our workforce has an in-depth understanding of legal terminology and documentation, and is specialized in the extraction of specific data contents from documents to create a database for client use.

Our Solutions

We provide Litigation Support services using International Standards along with enhanced client services. MST provides both online & offline litigation support services along with the following services:


The Current Scenario

The essential goal of litigation support is to organize, analyze, and present case materials using computer systems. In federal criminal defense cases, there are three primary ways that litigation support is used by Federal Defender Office (FDO) staff, and the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel attorneys’. The three primary ways that Litigation Support is used include:

1. Conducting electronic courtroom presentations.
2. Managing and analyzing paper documents and their electronic equivalents; and
3. The Identification, Collection, Preservation, Processing, Review, Analysis and Production of electronically stored information (ESI).

A litigation lawyer knows the laws that operate for his protection and to enable him to practice litigation in the socio-culture of checks and balances. He is a professional, and there is no excuse for his ignorance if found culpable.

Litigation coding commonly refers to the process of creating summary or keyword data from a document. They are mainly used in the legal profession for the purpose of creating a quick-search index or database of documents to be used in litigation.

MST Perks

Maestro provides excellent online and offline litigation support services. So, when you outsource your project, you can do so with complete confidence that your desired data output will be delivered with unparalleled quality and precision and on time within your budget.