What Do We Do?


At Maestro, we use cutting edge technologies to convert pages of all levels of complexity. Our systems are optimized for customer satisfaction, and timely delivery of requests.


We provide a multitude of services, including but not limited to: Multilingual Typesetting Services, Design & Multimedia Creation, Creative Illustrations and Artwork Generation.


Experts at Maestro Litigation Services extract information directly from the images & raw data; translating them into a coded database using futuristic technologies.


With our ever expanding skill set Maestro can assess our customers requirements in the shortest possible time. Keep calm to be assured we have our best legal experts working on your project.

Why Us ?

At Maestro, we are aligned towards a single definition of success, “To Make Our Customer's Dreams, A Reality”. With a world class talent pool at our disposal, we’re able to generate this target, faster than ever before.

"A dream becomes a goal when a step is taken towards its achievement.”
Take that first step with us and achieve your goal.

MST Advantage

What are the perks that you get with Maestro Software Technologies, Have a look.

Cost Efficient

Efficient project management and seamless communication ensures the project is completed within the stipulated deadline saving substantial time and enabling cost efficiency.

Precision & Quality

Maestro maintains complete accuracy and delivers results as per clients’ requirements. Final product is validated on the latest e-reading devices to ensure correctness.

Under the Roof

Maestro is a ‘one-stop-shop’ providing everything you need to successfully carry out your content transformations and LPO.

Data Security

We understand the importance of data and its associated security factors. At Maestro, data security has been executed at all levels through advanced process management and technology.

Technical Competence

Maestro has been working with the world’s leading publishers on a wide variety of projects with varying complexity including STM publications, Comics, Children books, Journals/ Articles etc.

On Time Delivery

We believe that time is money. That’s why, Quick turn around time, round the clock service & on time delivery are something that we hold close to our hearts.

With Maestro, you can have it all.

You’ll love our support.

What is the point of support that’s hidden deep within a website? Our support is easy to find and puts you in touch with people who provide real help at a quick turn around time.

Big benefits and transparent costs.

Maestro delivers a complete solution at a fair price. And there’s no need to hire a business lawyer to help you understand our pricing models.

Our competence & expertise.

Maestro doesn’t just provide you a single tool of service but a complete solution with the help of our expertise & know-how about the entire epublishing & litigation process, for making your mission a success.

People Love Us

“It has been a pleasure working with Maestro, the delivery was on time. The whole process of their ePublishing services is seamless, that it took a big work off my head into trusted hands! Keep it going Maestro!” — Shinto

“ think litigation services that they offer is unparallel with what the industry has to offer, their inidividual customer support and knowledge in these services is extremely good!” — Nathan