Maestro understand the importance of creating utilitarian data, resulting in giving professional outlook to documents, but is also reusable for your archives on the Internet. Our team is experienced, in the field of Science, Technology and Medical (STM) Publishing Industries.

Maestro has a tightly-integrated workflow, providing keen attention to each detail of your product from the beginning to the end. Providing this detailed attention will result in an eBook along with a printed version of your document. From initially planning the project, to designing and delivering the product, our experts deliver their expertise at each level of the process. If you need to put together an eBook, e-Journal, Catalog or Newsletter, Maestro Technologies can help to deliver the product that you require and expect.

Our Solutions

Maestro provides a complete range of services to educational publishers and print operators as well as their intermediaries for US and UK. Our team has a vast experience in the Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publishing industry.

Maestro Software Technologies has experts that provide information on a wide range of subjects such as: Science, Medicine, Banking, Finance & Economics, Business & Management, Education, Humanities, and Engineering & Technology.

We provide a wide range of services to produce your books from the very beginning till the end. Aimed at that we are offering integrated workflow which will provide eBook along with printed version. If you need to put together an eBook, an e-Journal, a catalogue, or a newsletter, Maestro can help you with it. Right from planning the project to designing and delivering the end product, our professionals offer their expertise at every step. Our composition services include:


MST Perks

Clients want to increase their productivity while keeping costs low by accelerating the production processes with innovative solutions. We provide cost effective and rigorous composition services for both print and electronic media to leading publishers and organizations around the globe. Our services enable clients to reduce risks and lower production costs from 30-50%. We also offer services that help with the management of assets and content.

Composition Services include the following:

  STM books and journals
  B2B books and journals
  Recipe books
  Law books
  School books (K1-K12)
  Directories and Dictionaries
  Comic books